In the current terms and conditions of Apollo Group OÜ (registry code 12383236, address Tartu mnt 80D, 10112, Tallinn, hereafter referred to as Apollo Group) and the use of cookies we explain which cookies and similar technologies are used Vapiano on websites managed by Apollo Group, their subdomains and mobile applications.

Apollo Group is not responsible for technologies used by third party cookies. Third parties and their privacy terms and conditions are indicated in the preferences’ description at the bottom of the webpage.

What are cookies? Cookies are small text files which are saved into your computer or other device Vapiano when visiting a website.

Why does Apollo Group use cookies? Cookies are necessary for providing a better user experience. Cookies enable Apollo Group’s websites to remember your preferences when visiting our website, such as your preferred language or the ability to recognise your device. We use the data that we receive through cookies to improve the content and user experience of Apollo Group’s websites. Cookies are also necessary for tracking user statistics. If you do not allow cookies, the website’s functions might not be available to you.

1. Types of cookies and the collected data

1.1. Cookies can be divided based on their installation time:

  •  temporary, session-based cookies – they enable connection of the user’s activities while they are navigating the website temporarily, from the point of opening the website to closing it or once four hours have passed from the last viewing of the website;
  •  permanent cookies – they are saved on the user’s device permanently for a time defined for the cookie and activated every time the user visits the webpage on which the cookie was installed.

1.2. Cookies can also be divided by their ownership:

  •  first-party cookies – they originate from the viewed website. They enable websites to retain data which will be reused the next time you visit the website. In terms of processing personal data, the responsible processor (or any processor authorised by the first party). who manages the website installs the first-party cookies;
  •  third-party cookies – they originate from other websites’ advertisements which are on the website that the user visited. In terms of processing personal data, a responsible processor who is not the manager of the website installs the third-party cookies. We have no control over their cookies or how third-parties use their cookies. If you want to learn more about how these cookies work and how to manage or delete them, you can visit the following website: Your Online Choices.

1.3. The data collected by cookies and categorisation based on their purpose:

  •  necessary cookies – these are necessary for navigating the website, using its functions and providing services to the users. Without installing these cookies, it is not possible for the user to use the website or its services.

The data saved by the necessary cookies depend on the specific cookies. In general, cookies save the following data: amendments in privacy settings, which services the user wishes to consume (I.e. service information), login information (e.g. saving your username), recognition of the malicious use of the website (i.e. information about it), differentiation between a human and a bot and collecting necessary information about the use of the website. Cookies used for displaying and processing non-personalised advertisements also belong in this category;

  •  statistics cookies – collect data about how users use the website, for example which pages they use the most often and which error messages they report. For personalised analytics cookies, see the previous description. Some of the collected data will be joined and anonymised. The purpose of these cookies is to enhance the functioning of the websites;

Statistics cookies collect data about visiting and using the website (including which (sub)pages or parts of pages were opened). For example, the following data will be collected about the user’s device/ communication/experience with the website (e.g. error messages), the user device’s IP-address and location. The analytics cookies do not have access to IP-addresses;

  •  preferences cookies – they enable the website to remember the preferences a user has selected (e.g. the font size, other changes that can be done on the website) and identifiers (e.g. the username, language or home country of the user) to offer more a customised and comfortable user experience;

Although preference cookies are separated from necessary cookies, they are still necessary for enabling the most suitable display for the user. What data is saved depends on the specific cookies. In general, technical data about the user’s device is collected to decide the suitable video quality, save the user’s preferences (e.g. the font size, other changes that can be done on the website) and identifiers (e.g. user name, language, home country).

  •  personalised advertising cookies (including individual analytics, tracking cookies) – these cookies enable the display of customised advertisements and conducting of market research and analysis by using data about the user’s behaviour and interests. The collected data might be shared with advertisement networks and providers.

Personalised advertising cookies and individual analytics cookies collect data about the user’s website visits and use (i.e. their interests and behaviour) to display presumably interesting advertisement for the user (considering the data about the user’s website use), data about the displayed advertisement and their reaction to it (whether the individual opened a certain advertisement/offer), data about the user’s device (to recognise it next time) and much more. Social media cookies are also seen as advertising cookies and are not only included if the User wants to share content.

1.4. Apollo Groups uses the cookies described above for the following purposes:

  •  the seamless functioning of their websites and providing services;
  •  to enhance the user experience and access to their websites;
  •  to display advertisements;
  • to improve the website’s content/service – the statistics and analytics cookies allow us to improve the content based on the number of readers. This provides us invaluable information about what people are currently interested in;
  •  if necessary, the collected personal data can be used as evidence in court or in another law enforcement organisation (such as for the purposes of proving the process of data protection).

2. The legal basis for processing data

2.1. Apollo Group processes personal data based on an agreement, fulfilling a contract or justified interest.

2.2. Agreement. Apollo Group asks for consent to use cookies to display personalised advertisement.

2.3. The basis for processing (justified interest or to fulfil a contract) according to the type of cookie if the basis for processing is not agreement;

  •  necessary cookies – since necessary cookies are needed to provide services and without them it is not possible to provide services, an agreement is not necessary to use these cookies. Necessary cookies are automatically enabled and it is not possible to turn them off. The basis for processing is either the justified interest or a contract if the use of cookies is necessary for the user and the company belonging to Apollo Group in order to fulfil a contract.
  •  statistics cookies – the use of statistics/ analytics cookies is essential for the Media Company to create interesting content for the user and ensure a good user experience. The basis for processing is the justified interest for the respective cookies and those cookies can be turned off.
  •  preference cookies – although they are not essential for the technical functioning of the service, preference cookies are essential for providing an appropriate service to the user and ensuring a comfortable user experience, as the respective cookies generally save preferences for language, video quality, page size, etc. The basis for the preferences cookies is the justified interest and they can be disabled at the request of the user.
  • personalised advertising cookies (including personal analytics, tracking cookies) – the basis for processing is either user agreement or justified interest. These cookies are not automatically enabled; the User must give their consent for using personalised advertising cookies. Products and services will be advertised based on these cookies even when you visit other websites. The advertisements are based on data about the user’s behaviour and interests, such as how often the user sees the specific advertisement. Advertising cookies enable us to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Displaying third party advertisements also contributes to paying the management fees of the website, thus it allows the user to use the website without paying registration or usage fees.

3. Changing the cookies settings

3.1. Apollo Group enables users to manage the use of cookies, including enabling and disabling cookies based on their types (except necessary cookies). You can change your preferences at any time by clicking on the cookies preferences link at the bottom of the website.

3.2. Settings for cookies can be managed through your web browser:


The current terms and conditions of cookies were last changed in August 2021.