We are proud to adopt the Better Chicken Commitment for 100% of the chicken we use across our European supply chain, and commit to meeting all the standards in it by 2026 at the latest.

We care, you should too!

VAPANO cares about the nature, the sea and people’s health and has set itself the goal of reducing the release of takeaway plastic food and beverage packaging on the market.
We consider it important that Vapiano employees contribute to preserving nature and invite our customers to do the same.

In Vapianos, we use single-use paper bags when selling take away products, and we do not use plastic bags. In Vapianos, it is possible to buy drinks for on-site consumption, served both in glass and ceramic drinking cups, and all meals can be eaten on ceramic plates or bowls. In addition, guests can buy drinks and meals in the cups or containers they bring with them, saving on takeout packaging. We highly recommend that option.

A quantitative report is drawn up on a quarterly basis for the plastic packages put into circulation every month, following which we can monitor and reduce the usage of plastic packages. We have also made it our goal to switch to biodegradable packaging by 2024 at the latest.

You care, we care, the world cares.